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Document Revision Process

Document Revisions Made Simple

Document Revision process is simple and straightforward method that consists of the following steps;

Identify in the library the Document to be revised.

Create a Revision Submittal with a Single-Click. The Revision Submittal record will include the same review type, same set of reviewers and approvers, and same type of release option.

The Revision Submittal record is updated with the new revision level as well as any other needed changes for the revision being submitted. If a change to the review type, set of reviewers and approvers, or release option is needed, those are updated prior to starting the review process.

The current revision document’s status is updated to “being revised” so that anyone searching for the document is aware that a revision to the document has been submitted and is in the review process.

NOTE:  For documents that have a release option as the PDF version, when a Revision Submittal record is created, the native file is what is attached to Revision Submittal.  The party making the revision, has the original native file and can then modify it’s content as the next revision, prior to starting the review process.

Document Management Revision Process
Document Management Revision Process

Automated Email During Review Process

Document Information

Several key steps in the document review process trigger an email to be generated and sent out automatically. Those key steps are:

Every document has an owner. Any party can submit a document into the library.  Once document is submitted, the owner is notified by email so they can approve the submittal and send out for review, when applicable.

When a review is required, and upon Owner Review, all parties that are part of the review process are sent an email notifying them that that have a document to review.

Once all parties have completed a successful review and approved the document for release, the owner is again notified that the reviews are completeOwner completes final approval prior to release