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Training Requirement Features

Employee Training Process Matrix

Training Requirements are established using the training matrix options.

Training Items can be linked to specific Products, Work Centers, Job Titles and/or Processes.

In addition, Training Items can be added to a specific Employee. The Employee connection is made through the Employee Record.

Employees have a Job Title and a list of products they work on, work center they work in, and processes they may be a part of.

The requirements are auto-generated based on the connections found between Employee, the matrix options and the training items.

Training Frequency in a matrix item can be set separately from the default frequency of the Training Item.

Example would be to set the frequency of fire extinguisher training more frequent for employees that work in a flammable work center, and less frequent for office personnel.

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System Requirements


Microsoft Access 2007 or higher, 32 or 64 bit, full version or runtime, (Client Side)

Windows 7 or 10, 32 or 64 bit (Client Side)

Server Side does not require any version of Microsoft Access to be installed

SQL Server (Server Side Option)


Single-User — One File, One Simultaneous User

Multi-User — Network Version. Up to 255 Simultaneous Users.

Local Network Domain Use


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