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Asset and Equipment Preventive Maintenance History

Preventive Maintenance History

Preventive Maintenance History

The Maintenance History can be viewed by selecting an asset / equipment to see all Maintenance Entries – Planned, Unplanned or Repair Entries.

When a specific PM task is selected, the Maintenance History shows history of the PM Task as well as any Unplanned and Repair tasks.

Double-clicking on a maintenance history record shows the details of the preventive maintenance task completed. Details such as when the task was completed, who completed the task, and in the case of a planned PM task completed,  the next preventive maintenance due date.

Labor times to complete the maintenance task can be entered as well as any comments.

In addition, an unlimited number of files can be added to the maintenance task completion record.  Some typical uses of might include a completed check list, third party maintenance summary, inventory list of consumables used, or packing list of consumables purchased.