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Unlock unprecedented control over all your organization’s measuring devices with our Calibration Management Software.

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Calibration Management Core Features

Manage, track, and calibrate all measuring devices seamlessly within a unified platform, improving efficiency and consistency.

Calibration Software Setup

Set up and personalize your calibration management software effortlessly.

  • Enable customization by adding your company’s information and logo.
  • Manage and identify list of default locations of the measuring device.
  • Establish a list of people to receive automated alerts and emails.
  • Importing of all existing measuring devices and calibration status information for a comprehensive overview.
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Calibration Measuring Device Types 

Seamlessly create and manage device types for enhanced calibration.

  • Easily categorize and track devices by type for improved calibration scheduling.
  • Streamline the calibration process, improving overall efficiency.
  • Develop consistency with internal calibration through linked procedural documents.
  • Enables default calibration strategies to streamline calibration processes.
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Calibration Measuring Device Information

Define your tools with our comprehensive description fields. Comprehensive device defining system detailing model, manufacturer, and calibration details.

  • Helps set up standardised calibration processes across the organization.
  • Comprehensive device definition fields provide detailed device understanding.
  • Differentiate calibration control categories for optimized tracking.
  • Allows the inclusion of device pictures for visual recognition and precise calibration.
  • Improves understanding of each device and its calibration needs.
  • Facilitates quick reference and easy management.
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Calibration Records & History

Simple, quick calibration recording for flawless tracking. Records each calibration event, process details, and results while updating the calibration status.

  • Provides a historical record for compliance and auditing purposes.
  • Helps you record every calibration event and result with a few clicks.
  • Automates the next calibration due date and ensures a fast, accurate update of calibration status.
  • Instant incident reports for out-of-tolerance devices, helping mitigate future issues.
  • Supports the creation of incident reports, improving accountability and traceability.
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Calibration Software Navigation

Navigate the software seamlessly and access features efficiently.

  • Single-click navigation to view device types, records and calendar.
  • Use a fast search method to find device or devices of interest.
  • Record a calibration or send due calibrations email with just one click.
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Calibration Software Automation

Automate the calibration management process for efficiency.

  • Receive automated emails for past and upcoming calibrations.
  • Define email receiver and set frequency of the automated email function.
  • Auto-update calibration calendar based on new calibration records, extension of due dates, etc.
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Calibrated Device Check In/Check out

Effortless track and manage the inventory with our check-out and check-in feature.

  • Reduces device search time, boosting productivity.
  • Quick process for checking tools in and out from a centralized location.
  • Displays calibration status during check-out/check-in for convenience.
  • Ideal for tracking mobile and expensive devices, reducing device search time.
  • Provides real-time inventory status.
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Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Device Management

Minimize the risk of equipment failure and associated downtime.

Open-Source and Personalization

Customize the software according to your needs.

Advanced Device Information

Maintain detailed records for each device.


Get automated emails for past-due calibrations and upcoming calibrations.

Reliable Calibration Records & History

Create a secure log of each calibration event, recording necessary details and results.

Simple Navigation

User-friendly interface for measuring devices, calibration records and history, calibration calendar, and email functions.

Best-in-Class Customer Service and Support

Experience 100% USA-based support.

Robust Reporting

Generate detailed reports and assists in regulatory compliance with detailed records.

Experience the power of seamless calibration management with an intuitive, customizable, and user-friendly interface.

Ready for a Calibration Revolution?

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