Inspection and Non-conforming Material Software

Enhance Quality Control and Streamline Compliance

Effortlessly record, track, and manage inspections and non-conforming materials with our software. Experience seamless discrepancy documentation, disposition assignments, and closure of nonconformities, all crucial for ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliance.

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Inspection and Non-conforming Material Software Core Features

Get a glimpse of the key components of our Inspection and Non-conforming Material Software.

Software Setup

Personalized setup to help you take control of your quality management. Add your company details and create an environment that reflects your business operations.

  • Customizable system setup for a consistent branding.
  • Comprehensive list management of employees, inspectors, parts, customers, and suppliers to streamline operations.
  • Efficient email functionality setup for quick communication and task management.
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Receiving Inspections

Our software is designed to elevate your inspection process. It is able to handle limitless inspections and allows you to capture detailed data for each inspection, thus ensuring comprehensive and transparent documentation.

  • Conduct an unlimited number of inspections for meticulous quality assurance.
  • Records data using an extensive range of fields, capturing all vital information including Part Number, Revision Level, Supplier, Inspection Date, Purchase Order No, and quantities received, inspected, accepted, and rejected.
  • Offers additional fields for further granularity, such as Serial Numbers, Lot Number, Date Code, Buyer, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part Number, Router Operation Step Number, and Inspection Method.
  • Allows unlimited files to be linked to each inspection record, including certificates of conformance, test results, and packing lists.
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Non-Conformances Tracking

Handle discrepancies right from the receiving stage. Track and document non-conforming materials or products, assign dispositions, facilitate follow-up activities, and ensure your compliance with ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

  • Comprehensive documentation of all discrepancies identified during receiving inspection.
  • Efficient assignment of dispositions for each discrepancy, ensuring appropriate corrective actions.
  • Identify each defect using defect codes and enable linking of files such as Drawings, Specifications, Pictures of Discrepancies, Work Instructions, etc to each non-conformance.
  • Facilitates tracking of follow-up activities, approvals, and closure of non-conformities.
  • Send task email to the responsible party or group, including the nonconforming details, all linked files, and the nonconformance report as attachments.
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Work-In-Process and Final Quality Inspection

Gain complete visibility over your production process with our WIP and Final Inspection features. Record an unlimited number of inspections using standard and additional fields to maintain stringent quality controls.

  • Supports unlimited Work-In-Process (WIP) and Final Inspections for comprehensive oversight.
  • Standard fields for efficient record keeping, such as Part Number, Revision Level, Inspection Date, Work Order No, Received Quantity, and more.
  • Additional fields available for enhanced tracking, such as Customer, Serial Numbers, Lot Number, System Number, Router Operation Step Number, and Inspection Method.
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Non-Conformance Management for In-Process and Final Inspections

Optimize the handling of non-conformities during WIP or final inspections and transform challenges into improvement opportunities.

  • Comprehensive documentation of discrepancies identified during WIP or Final Inspections.
  • Assign multiple dispositions per discrepancy for optimal corrective action.
  • Enables linking of files to non-conformances for complete record keeping.
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Customer Return (RMA)

Maximize customer satisfaction by efficiently handling returns and learning from customer feedback. Record an unlimited number of customer returns and detail every aspect of the return to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance.

  • Unlimited recording of customer returns for comprehensive management.
  • Standard fields capture crucial information such as Part Number, Revision Level, Customer, Inspector, RMA Date, Returned Quantity, and more.
  • Additional fields available for deeper insights, such as Serial Numbers, Inspection Details and Results, Inspection Method.
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Customer Return Non-Conformances

Turn your customer feedback into a tool for improvement by efficiently managing non-conformities confirmed upon return. Identify suspected causes, document discrepancies, and create tasks to streamline the review and approval process.

  • Detailed discrepancy identification and documentation upon customer return.
  • Documents each discrepancy in detail, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.
  • Facilitates the creation of tasks for efficient review, disposition, and approval process.
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Work-In-Process Defects

Turn defects into opportunities by tracking and managing them outside of the non-conformance process for a more streamlined work-in-process.

  • Efficient recording and managing of defects during the work process.
  • Tracks the removal and verification of defects for effective quality control.
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Simple Navigation and Automation

Navigate and manage your quality control effortlessly with our easy-to-use interface and automation features. Our software offers a user-friendly interface, instant summaries, and quick search options. Plus, automated tasks and emails streamline your quality management like never before.

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation through inspections and non-conformances.
  • Quick access to open tasks and inspections for optimal productivity.
  • Instant summaries of open inspections, dispositions required, and dispositions needing approvals.
  • Automated data synchronization with most ERP systems.
  • Scheduled emails for all open non-conformances and tasks.
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Experience efficiency like never before with our advanced automation features. Improve productivity, streamline processes, and reduce human error to focus your resources on strategic quality improvements.

Seamless ERP/MRP Integration

Experience the power of synchronization. Our software harmonizes with your existing ERP/MRP and Business Systems to streamline your operations, enhance tracking, and provide actionable insights.

Open-Source Flexibility

With our open-source software, you’re in control. Personalize it to your needs – add new data tables, fields, forms, and reports for a truly tailored solution.

Unmatched Customer Service and Support

We believe in empowering our customers with exceptional, 100% USA-based support. From software bug resolution to feature implementation, we’ve got you covered, every step of the way.

Competitive Pricing & Flexible System Requirements

We believe in quality without compromise. Our competitive pricing and flexible system requirements make our software an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Unlock operational excellence with our advanced Inspection and Non-Conforming Material Software. Streamline inspections, and redefine excellence.

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