Corrective Action Software

Makes it easy to record, manage, and track all corrective actions

This centralized approach makes it easy to consistently create corrective actions, facilitate progress through the root cause analysis process, document the actions planned and taken to prevent a recurrence, verify the implementation of those actions, and record the effectiveness of these actions to prevent a recurrence.

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Corrective Action Software Core Features

Our automated management approach enables assigning tasks with deadlines to responsible parties or groups and ensuring progress through completion. In addition, automated emails of open task items keep corrective actions on schedule and progressing throughout the process.

Since root cause analysis is the foundation for practical corrective actions, our Corrective Action Software provides two industry standard options for overall process flow and root cause analysis, 8D and 5 Why.

Corrective Action Information

The FEATURES of the Corrective Action Information section of the Corrective Action software provide for:

  • Adding an unlimited number of correction actions.
  • A quick and easy method of initiating a new corrective action.
  • Defining the type of corrective action such as Internal, Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR), or customer requested.
  • Using standard fields such as date C/A started, owner, initiator, recipient, the reason for initiation, description of the issue or find, and due date.
  • Additional fields such as Part Number, Work Order, Customer, Supplier, Purchase Order No, and Sales Order Number can be used when applicable.
  • Identifying containment information when appropriate.
  • The ability to enter tasks and assign them to a responsible party or group with a given due date.
  • The ability to link an unlimited number of files to the corrective action.
  • An option for the 5 Why approach to root cause analysis.
  • An option for the 8D workflow process of corrective actions.
  • Single-click operation to email corrective action to recipient, owner, and initiator.
  • Single-click operation to email tasks to the responsible party or group, inclusive of the details of the corrective action.
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Simple Navigation

A KEY FEATURE of our Corrective Action software is Simple Navigation, which includes:

  • An instant summary of all open corrective actions and all open tasks.
  • Single-click operation to view an open corrective action.
  • Single-click operation to view the open task item of corrective action.
  • Quick and Easy search for any corrective action using various field options.
  • Single-click to create and send an email for all open corrective actions and tasks.
  • Single-click to preview all open corrective actions and tasks in a printable report view.
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Setup / Personalization Features

The FEATURES of the Setup / Personalization section of Corrective Action software provide for:

  • Adding your company’s information and logo so it’s represented in all reports, menus, and views during its use.
  • Creating and managing a list of staff that may participate in any capacity of the Corrective Action program.
  • Creating and managing a list of customers and suppliers that may be identified within a Corrective Action record. This is not required but highly recommended for consistent data entry, reporting, trending, and historical purposes.
  • A Quick and easy setup of the email will be used for all aspects of both automated and on-demand emails.
  • Managing the form number and revision on the printable Corrective Action report.
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Automation Features

A KEY FEATURE of our Corrective Action software is Automation, which includes:

  • Sending out automated emails for all open corrective actions and open tasks.
  • The export of Supplier Corrective Action information to an excel template, with provisions for a Single Click option, imports the supplier’s response for the root cause, actions, verification, and effectiveness of actions.
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Report Features

A KEY FEATURE of the Report section of our Corrective Action software is that it comes with USER-FILTERABLE REPORTS, including:

  • Open Corrective Actions.
  • Corrective Action History.

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Open-Source Software

Another KEY FEATURE of our Corrective Action Software is that it is sold as an Open-Source software, providing the ability to:

  • Change the software to what you need rather than change your ways to match the software requirements.
  • Open access to all software objects allows for adding new data tables and fields, customizing existing forms and reports, and adding new forms and reports.

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Best-in-Class Customer Service and Support

100% USA-based support.

Implementation support, guidance, and recommendations for your corrective action program approach based on your business, requirements, and asset and equipment risk level.

Timely support response via phone, email, or online session.

Database Providers will quote as needed, and USA-based Database Providers’ employees complete all work.

All software bugs and abnormal behavior are resolved promptly and free of charge.

100% support on any new features or functionality needed.

A documented and effective corrective action process is one of the essential requirements for ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliance.

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