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Employee Training Management Software

The Employee Training software manages the training requirements, training schedules, and training records of the organization’s employees.

Training Items or Elements can be anything from a Procedure, Policy, Work Instruction, Specification, Forklift Training, New Hire Process, or Fire Extinguisher to On-The-Job training.

In Addition, Training Items have a defined frequency – some may be one-time only, and others have a regular frequency, such as every 12 months.

Furthermore, Training requirements can be defined in various ways and methods. The options include defining the training required by Products an employee may work on, by Work Center an employee may work within, by Processes an employee may perform, by Job Titles, and lastly, defining training requirements per Employee.

The automated email system can be set up to run at regular intervals, sending out Emails containing information about expired training and training required within the next 30 and 60 days.

Training Item Definition Features

The FEATURES of the Training Item Administration section of the Employee Training Software provide for:

An unlimited number of training items.

Linking to a specific document and revision of the training item.

In Addition, Defining the frequency of the training item, such as one-time only, and the number of months until re-training will be required.

Identify the facility where the training item is used when the employee training software will be used across multiple facilities or locations.

Furthermore, Define if a test is required and the passing grade.

Additionally, establishing the minimum number of trained personnel, per competency level, per training item the organization wants to maintain.

Defining the standard/default number of hours to complete the training.

Linking to a video, audio, or document of the training item.

Employee Training Item

Training Record Features

Employee Training Records

The FEATURES of the Training Records section of the Employee Training Software provide for:

An unlimited number of training records.

Identifying the trainer, the trainee(s), the date of training, and competency level when required.

Automating the expiration date of the training base of the frequency set of the training item.

Linking a training certificate to each trainee’s record.

Adding a test score into the record where a test was taken to complete the training.

Linking the completed test in the case the test was an attachable file.

Class roster or any other document can be linked to each training record.

Training Requirement Features

The training requirements of employees are automatically generated based on the following:

Processes an employee is associated with, or

Products or services an employee is associated with, or

Work centers or departments an employee works in, or

Job title of an employee, or

On a per-employee basis.

Employee or temporary worker is linked to process, product or service, work center or department, and job title.

Employee Training Requirements

Training Item Revision Features

Employee Training Item Revision

The FEATURES of the Training Item Revision section of the Employee Training Software provide for:

Automating the obsoleting old revision and creating new training items at new revision.

In addition, the user-defined choice to expire existing training records, re-train to the new revision, or copy training records to the new revision, retaining the current expiration date.

Furthermore, automating and updating all existing requirements to the new revision.

Automation Features

One of the KEY FEATURES of our Employee Training Software is Automation which includes:

The capability to send out automated Emails for expired training and training due in 30 and 60 days, and what frequency the emails will be sent out.

Additionally, the ability to update all training records, training requirements, and training calendars as new information is added.

Furthermore, the ability to create and send an email identifying the expired training and training due in 30 and 60 days on a manual basis.


Report Features


One of the KEY FEATURES of our Employee Training Software is Numerous User-filterable Reports which include:

Training Requirements and Status by:
Training Item,
Products or Services,
Process Training,
Work Center or Department,
Job Title or,
on an Employee Basis.

In addition, Identifying Training Expired or Due
Due in the Next 30 days and 60 Days.

Furthermore, Displaying Training Hours by Employee.

Likewise, previewing the Training GAP Analysis.

Setup / Personalization Features

The FEATURES of the Setup and Personalization section of the Employee Training Software provide for:

Adding your company’s information and logo so it is visible in all reports, menus, and views during its use.

In addition, Establishing and managing a list of:

Facilities to identify default usage of training items.

Employees or temporary workers are participating in the training program.

Internal and external trainers (3rd Party Training Organizations) that perform the training.

Work centers, products, and processes can be used to establish employee training requirements.

Furthermore, Easy email setup to an SMTP server or other application for use in the automated processes and all features available within employee training software

Simple Navigation

Employee Training Simple Navigation

One of the KEY FEATURES of our Employee Training Software is Simple Navigation which includes a Single-click operation to View:

Employee or Temporary Worker’s Requirements and the training status of the requirement.

Requirements and training status for a specific Training Item.

Expired Training and Training Due in 30 and 60 Days.

All upcoming training is in a calendar view.

Open-Source Software

Another KEY FEATURE of our Employee Training Software is that it is sold as an Open-Source Software, providing access to:

Change the software to what you need rather than change your ways to match the software requirements.

Likewise, open access to all software objects allows for adding new data tables and fields, customizing existing forms and reports, and adding new forms and reports.

Open-Source Software

Best in Class Customer Service and Support

Businessman hand pushing service button

The Employee Training Software includes Best-in-Class Customer Service and Support by providing the following:

100% USA-based support.

In addition, Timely support response via phone, email, or online session.

Implementation support, guidance, and recommendations for training program approach based on your business and requirements.

Furthermore, All software bugs and abnormal behavior are resolved promptly and are free of charge.

Likewise, 100% support on any new features or functionality needed. Database Providers will quote as needed, and USA-based Database Providers’ employees complete all work.




$699.00 – Microsoft Access Front-End / Back-End (Client/Server)


Call for Pricing – Microsoft Access Front-End / Cloud Services Back-End (Client/Server)

One-Time Fee

No Annual Support Contracts

No Licensing Fees

Microsoft Access is not included in the purchase of the software

*Prices subject to change

System Requirements


Microsoft Access 2007 or higher, 32 or 64-bit, full version or runtime (Client Side)

Windows 7 or 10, 32 or 64-bit (Client Side)

The server side does not require any version of Microsoft Access to be installed.

SQL Server (Server Side Option)


Single-User — One File, One Simultaneous User

Multi-User — Network Version. Up to 255 Simultaneous Users.

Local Network Domain Use


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