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First Article Inspections

Manage all First Article Inspections performed using this Easy, Flexible and Proven process.

First Article Inspection can be Performed within Various Departments and Processes within the Organization.  When they are required, capture the details within this module.

Receiving and In Process Inspections and Product Design / Engineering Inspections are all possible process that may require First Article Inspections.


First Article Inspection Search

First Articles Search

First Article Inspections can be Searched using various filter options.

Single-Click operation to View Details of existing First Article Inspections and to Start a New First Article Inspection record.

First Article Inspections –  Receiving or In Process

When Inspections are recorded in the Inspection / NCMR Module, and the Inspection is identified as a First Article, a record of the Inspection is automatically added into the First Article Module

All of the Applicable Details of the Receiving or In Process Inspection is added into the First Article record. 

First Article Receiving In Process Inspections

First Article Inspection Record / Results

First Article Details

Recording the results of a First Article Inspection requires a flexible approach as First Articles, while combined into a single area, can have Various types of Information recorded.  To accommodate the different variables, many Common Fields are available such as;

Part Number,
Part Revision,
Date of First Article,
and a Nonconforming Number in the event the inspection Fails and requires processing through the Nonconforming process,

as well as Other Inspection Specific fields are available, such as;

Party (Customer or Supplier Name),
Due Dates,
Destructive Inspection,
Customer PO No,
Sales Order No,
Work Order No,
Internal PO No,
and Last Manufacturing Date.

In addition, other Options are available to:

Identify the Quantity Needed and the Dispositioning of Inspected Units when more than a Single Unit is Required,

Identify an Approval Team and the Acceptance of the Results by Each Member,

An Unlimited Number of Files can be Added to each First Article Inspection record,

and the Creation and Management of Action Items to help Facilitate the Progress.