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Document Management Software

This Document management software simplifies document management across your organization.

It automates essential documents’ review, approval, distribution, retrieval, and obsolescence processes.

In addition, Intelligent search capabilities help users locate documents quickly and easily.

The centralized nature of this software, combined with access control, ensures that users are using the latest released documents, thus preventing the retrieval and use of obsolete documents.

Document Library

The Document Library section of the Document Management software includes FEATURES like:

Quick and easy way to search and find any document of interest using various filters.

Several methods to submit new documents.

Single-click to view the document.

Furthermore, a Single-click to view document details, reviewer and approval list, and its tracking log.

In addition, a Single-click to create and start the document revision process.

Print out a list of documents of interest.

Download the document to a local download folder.

Document Library

Document Information

Engineering Document

Each document submitted into this Document Management software can be defined as:

Using standard fields such as:
Document Number,
Revision Level,
Document Type,
Document Owner,
Keywords, and
Reason for Submission.

Several review options for each document submitted, such as:
No Review is Needed,
One Reviewer and One Approver, or
Custom Review and Approval list,

Several release options, such as:
Releasing the same file or
PDF version of the native file.

In addition, Other optional fields available within the document definition, such as:
Part Number,
Revision Level,
Purchase Order Number.

Furthermore, the File Type and Size are captured automatically.

New Document Submission Process

When a new document is submitted to this Document Management software, the Features provide for:

An entry into the Document Library indicating the document has been submitted and is under review.

Identifying the review process such as:
No Review is Needed,
One Reviewer and One Approver, or
Custom Review and Approval list.

An electronic review and approval process when a review is required.

Automated email to all reviewers that is system generated based on the review process selected and the reviewers and approvers responsible.

Document owners receive an automated email when any reviewers reject the submission.

Document control personnel and Document Owners receive an automated email when all reviewers have approved the document for release.

Additionally, a single-click operation releases the document.

Document Submission For Review

Document Revision Process

Document Review Process

When a document revision is submitted into this Document Management software, the Features provide for:

Updating the current document revision in the library to a status of being revised and a new revision submitted into the Document Library status is under review.

In addition, confirming the same review and release process as the current document revision with the opportunity to change.

An electronic review and approval process when a review is required.

Furthermore, an Automated email of the submitted revision to all reviewers based on the review process selected and employees responsible for document review.

Additionally, the Document owner and document control personnel are notified through automated email after all reviewers have approved the document for release.

Single-click operation to release the new document revision and obsolete the old one.

Document Tracking

The Document Tracking FEATURES of Document Management software enable:

Logging when the document is:
Obsoleted, and, when applicable,

Additionally, logging when the document was:
Printed, or

Moreover, each log includes the event, user, date and time, and computer name.

Document Tracking

Simple Navigation

.A KEY Strategy of the Document Control software is Simple Navigation, which includes:

Single-click operation to search and find documents of interest.

Summary of all documents:
In review,
Approved, and
Awaiting release.

In addition, a single-click operation to review, approve or reject documents submitted.

Document Management Simple Navigation



A KEY FEATURE of the Document Control software is that it includes many user-filterable reports such as:

Document History

Log of Document Usage

Document Revision History.

Open-Source Software

Another KEY FEATURE of our Document Control software is that it is sold as an Open-Source Software, providing the ability to:

Change the software to what you need rather than change your ways to match the software requirements.

Likewise, open access to all software objects allows for adding new data tables, and fields, customizing forms and reports and adding new forms and reports.

Open-Source Software



A KEY FEATURE of the Document Control software is Automation, which includes sending out emails:

Review of newly submitted documents.

Successful completion of the review and approval process.

Releasing of the new document.

Reminder emails to reviewers on documents awaiting their review.

Document Review Progress / To-Do-List

The Document Management software includes a “To-Do-List,” which provides the user with a summary list of Documents in the review process that they have some connection with by summarizing them into the following buckets:

Documents Awaiting Release – No Review Required,

Dual Review Document(s) That:

– Require Their Review or Approval,

– They are the Owner of those that Still Need to be reviewed or Approved,

– That Need To Be Released.

In addition, Custom (Multiple) Review Document(s) That Still Require:

– Department to Review,

– Owner’s Review Before the Review Process or Post Review Process,

– That Need To Be Released.

Businessman hand pushing service button

Best in Class Customer Service and Support

Businessman hand pushing service button

.The Document Control software includes Best-in-Class Customer Service and Support by providing the following:

100% USA-based support.

In addition, Timely support response via phone, email, or online session,

Implementation support, guidance, and recommendations for your preventive maintenance program approach based on your business, requirements, and asset and equipment risk level.

Furthermore, all software bugs and abnormal behavior are resolved in a timely fashion and, of course, are free of charge,

Moreover, 100% support on any new features or functionality needed. Database Providers will quote as needed, and USA-based Database Providers’ employees complete all work.

Setup / Personalization

The FEATURES in the Setup section of the Document Management software provide for:

Adding your company’s information and logo so it is represented in all reports, menus, and views during its use.

Managing a list of:

Employees and temporary workers that may take part in any capacity of the Document Control process or use of the Document Control software.

User-defined Document Types such as Form, Work Instruction, Procedure, Specification,  Assembly Drawing, etc.

Customers that may be used to identify a customer’s document.

Suppliers that may be used to identify a supplier’s document.

Reason codes are used to categorize the initial submittal or revision of a document.

ITAR projects and user access for any ITAR-controlled document


In addition, identifying the storage location for:

Documents reviewed, released, and obsolete documents.

ITAR documents reviewed, released, and obsolete documents.




$699.00 – Microsoft Access Front-End / Back-End (Client/Server)

$899.00 – Microsoft Access Front-End / SQL Server (Express) Back-End (Client/Server)


Call for Pricing – Microsoft Access Front-End / Cloud Services Back-End (Client/Server)


One-Time Fee

No Annual Support Contracts

No Licensing Fees

Microsoft Access is not included in the purchase of the software

*Prices subject to change

System Requirements


Microsoft Access 2007 or higher, 32 or 64-bit, full version or runtime (Client Side)

Windows 7 or 10, 32 or 64-bit (Client Side)



Single-User — One File, One Simultaneous User

Multi-User — Network Version. Up to 255 Simultaneous Users.



Local Network Domain Use

Cloud Services

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