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Calibrated Device Types

Defining Calibrated Device Types

Calibration Management Software Tool Types

Important Note regarding setting up Calibrated Device Types:

For internally calibrated devices, carefully categorizing devices into Tool Types allows the creation of a Default Calibration Strategy, such as measurement strategy, calibration cycle time, specific methods, and tolerances.

Defining a Default Strategy provides not only a consistent approach to calibration but also a consistent approach across all devices (tools) within that device type.

Managing Device Type List and Procedures

Create and Manage a Device (Tool) type list. Categorizing devices (Tools) can be helpful when making decisions to calibrate tools by category.

If organizations calibrate devices (tools) internally, the calibration procedure by Device type can be linked to the Device (tool) type.

Calibration Management Software Tool Types Listing

Setting Internally Calibrated Tool Strategy

Calibration Management Software Tool Type Detail

For internally calibrated devices, each tool type defines the default certification time, calibration frequency, measurement strategy, tolerances, and specific methods or masters used.