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Document Management Software Setup

Document Management Setup

Company Information

Adding your company’s information and logo personalizes the Document Management Software.

Calibration Management Software Setup - Company Info

Employee Listing

Document Management Employee Listing

Manage the list of employees that can be owners, reviewers and approvers of documents.

Each employee has an approval password which is used to identify the employee that has reviewed or reviewed document.

For documents that require a group review, each employee can be part of a review group.  When part of a review group, the employee can review or approve a document for the review group they are assigned to.

Document Types

Documents are linked to a specific Document Type.  Document Types are managed and identified within this setup area.

Documents Types are set to needing a review or does not need a review and can be submitted and released for use without a review.

Document Types

Document Reviewer Groups

Document Management Review Groups

When documents require a review by multiple groups or departments, manage the list of groups or departments that would be required to review a document before it can be released for use.

Unlimited number of groups or departments can be added.

Each employee can be assigned to one or more group or department.

When a document needs to be reviewed by a group or department, any employee assigned to the group or department has review authorization for that group or department.


Supplier Listing

Documents can be linked to a Vendor / Supplier.  The list of Vendor / Suppliers that can be used are managed under Global Setup.

Document Types

Customer Listing

Document Management Review Groups

Documents can be linked to a Customer.  The list of Customers that can be used are managed under Global Setup.

Document Folder Locations

All Documents submitted into the Documents Management Software are electonically stored in the Folder Locations that are identified during Setup. Six Folder locations are required to support this software.

Review Folder

Current Folder

Obsolete Folder

ITAR Review Folder

ITAR Current Folder

ITAR Obsolete Folder

All movement of files between these folders is completed automatically, and the location of, and knowledge of these folder locations, can remain hidden from users.

Document Types

Projects / ITAR Control of Documents

Document Management Review Groups

ITAR Compliance requires organization to manage how ITAR controlled documents are accessed. This Document Management Software accomplishes this requirements through its Project List, Employee List and a seperation of the storage location of ITAR documents.

For ITAR Document Viewing the user must be linked to the Project, which is linked to the ITAR Document. If no association is found, users cannot view the ITAR document.