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Document Submittal For Review and Release

Document Management Add Document

Document Submittal Options

Documents can be submitted to the Document Management software using several options.

Documents can be added one at a time.

Documents can be added, in bulk, using the Document Import folder. After the documents have been added to the queue, each document will need minimal information added.

Documents can be added, in bulk,  using an import function that imports document information from an Excel Template that is provided with the purchase of the software. All the document information added to the Excel template is carried over into the document when imported.

Document Information

Document Review Options

Document Management Review Type

All Documents submitted in this Document Management Software have three review options before release.

No review is required.  This option is used to add documents and immediately release them to be available in the library. Typical uses might be Emails, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Customer Quality Clauses, Customer Terms a Conditions, or any other document that the organization has deemed that a review is not required at the time of submittal.

Dual Review Option – Requires One Reviewer and One Approver to Approve the document’s release into the Library. The Reviewer and Approver are identified when the Document is submitted to the Document Management Software. Typical uses might be Forms, Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, or any other document the organization has deemed adequate for a dual review before its release into the library.

Custom Review (Multiple Reviewer) Option – A list of Departments required to review the document before release can be added. The number of Departments required to review the document is unlimited. Any Employee identified within the Department can review and approve the document’s release for their Department.  All Approvals are completed through a Password Signature process, which identifies the specific party that has approved the document. Once All Departments have approved its release, the Document Owner is automatically notified to review all comments and complete the Final Approval and subsequent Release into the Library. Typical uses might be External Specifications, Customer Specifications, Product Release Documentation, or any other document requiring multiple departments or disciplines to review before release.

Document Release Options

Documents submitted to the library have two release options.

Release the file in its native form.  In this case, the file submitted is the file that is released and made available in the library.

Release a PDF version of the native file. In this case, the native file is submitted to the library. However, a PDF version of this file is made available in the library upon its release. Only native files in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format have this release option. Once the native file is released, a PDF version is created. Both files are added to the Library. However, only the PDF version is made available in the library.

Practical Usage – a large majority of  ISO and AS9100-compliant companies use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to create forms, policies, procedures, and work instructions to support their Quality Management Program. In this case, the native files submitted for review and approval are the actual Microsoft Word or Excel files.  Therefore, if this release option is chosen, the file made available in the library and subsequently to the employees is a PDF version of this document. 

Document Management Release Option

Document Review

Document Management Under Review or Awaiting Release

All Documents submitted in this Document Management Software are either;

In the Awaiting Release area, if the document submitted does not require a review,

or In the Under Review area, if the Document Requires Dual Review or Custom (Multiple) Reviewers.