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Unlock the potential of your workforce with our Employee Training Management Software, designed to manage, track, and improve your employees’ training and development seamlessly. Foster a culture of continuous learning, enhance skill development, and ensure regulatory compliance, all in a centralized, intuitive platform.

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Core Features

Delve into the main components of our Employee Training Management Software, designed to empower your organization’s training initiatives:

Software Setup Establish a solid foundation with our Software Setup feature. Personalize the system to reflect your organization’s unique training structure, ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes.  
  • Customizable system setup for consistent branding.
  • Manage and organize a comprehensive list of employees, trainers, job roles, training items, and facilities for streamlined operations.
  • Simple email setup to an SMTP server or other applications for use in the automated processes ensuring timely alerts and efficient communication.
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Training Item Definition  Compile, manage, and distribute your training resources efficiently with our Training Item Definition feature. This function offers a centralized hub for your training materials, making them easily accessible when needed.  
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of training items such as Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, and more.
  • Link training items to specific documents, multimedia files, or revisions.
  • Define training frequency, test requirements, minimum trained personnel, and expected training duration for each item.
  • Identify the facility where the training item will be used for efficient resource allocation.
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Training Record Management Stay organized and in control with our Training Record Management feature. Keeping track of each training event is essential for understanding employee progression and ensuring compliance.  
  • Create an unlimited number of training records documenting all relevant training details.
  • Record details like the trainer, trainee(s), training date, competency level, and expiration date.
  • Link training certificates, test scores, and other relevant documents to each training record.
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Training Requirements  Tailor your training programs to individual needs with our Training Requirements feature. Automatically generate training requirements based on unique roles and processes to ensure optimal effectiveness.  
  • Automatically link employees or temporary workers to processes, products, work centers, departments, and job titles.
  • Cater to a diverse workforce with training requirements generated based on job title, work processes, products, or individual employees.
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Training Item Revision Ensure the relevance of your training content with our Training Item Revision feature. Easily manage updates and revisions to keep your training material current and accurate.  
  • Automate the obsoleting of old revisions and the creation of new training items at new revisions.
  • Define user choices to expire existing training records, re-train to the new revision, or copy training records to the new revision.
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Automation Features  Maximize efficiency with our Automation Features. Routine tasks are taken care of, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your training management.  
  • Automatic email alerts for expired training and upcoming training due in the next 30 and 60 days.
  • Update training records, requirements, and calendars automatically as new information is added.
  • Create and send manual alerts identifying expired and upcoming training.
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Simple Navigation  Experience ease of use with our Simple Navigation feature. An intuitive interface and straightforward controls make managing your training program a breeze.  
  • Single-click operation to view employee requirements, training status, expired and due training.
  • View upcoming training in a calendar format for efficient planning.
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Enhance productivity with our advanced automation features. Increase productivity, streamline training processes, and reduce human errors, freeing resources for strategic development initiatives.

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Experience exceptional, 100% USA-based support. From bug resolution to new feature implementation, we provide continuous support, ensuring your success at every step.

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We believe in quality without compromise. Our competitive pricing and flexible system requirements make our software an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Our open-source software puts you in control. Personalize it to meet your needs – add new data tables, fields, forms, and reports for a truly customized solution.


Elevate your employee training program with our powerful Employee Training Management Software. Boost your team’s skills and productivity while maintaining regulatory compliance with ease.

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