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Employee Training Item Definition

Employee Training Item Listing

A Training Item is the item which the trainee completes training on.

The Training Item can be linked to documents or a general item like Forklift Training.

Use the search window to find the Training Item in interest.

Training Items are added manually, or can be copied from a spreadsheet.

Training Item Information consists of a name, and frequency of training.

When the training item is a document, the document number, revision level and description can be added.

If the training item is a video or audio, then the link to the video or audio can be added.

If a written test or driving test is required that can be identified as well as the passing grades of each.

Organizations that need to report and/or monitor the number of training hours per trainee (employee), per period, a training hours field is available.

Organizations that want to set the minimum number of trainees (employees) that are to be trained to a specific training item, at a given competency level, can set a minimum number competency Levels 1 –4.

Employee Training Item Detail