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Employee Training Records

Employee Training Entry

Entering Training Records is a fast and easy process.

Many options exist, depending on the information the organization wants to capture on each training record entered.

The most simplistic approach is recording what was trained, who conducted the training, who was trained, and when the training expires.

More elaborate entries may require adding a class roster, a certificate link, written test scores, driving test scores, and a link to the completed test for each person trained.

The expiration dates are automatically defined based on the training data and the frequency set for the training item.

Competency levels can be added if the organization uses the GAP Analysis option in this training management software.

Viewing a specific training item and the training status of the requirements is quick and easy.

Select the training item to display a list of employees that must be trained, the training item, and the current training status for each employee.

Employee Training Items
Employee Training Records List

Viewing a specific employee’s training requirements and the status of the requirement is as simple as selecting the employee and viewing the training information.

Current, past, and training records are easily selectable for viewing.

A report view shows the same information formatted to print out.

Employee Training Records Details Report View