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Work-In-Process / Final Inspection / Audit – NonConformances

Work In Process NonConformances

Inspection NonConforming Material Software Work In Proces Inspection Information

For Non-Conforming Material, the inspection record and unique NCMR ID are issued when a discrepancy is identified.

The Defect Category and Quantity can be captured for Pareto Chart reporting purposes.

Additional files can be linked to the inspection record for the non-conformance, such as red-lined drawings and pictures of non-conformances.

An MRB Team can be identified.

All Rejections within the inspected lot are documented within the inspection record. In addition, each Rejection can have Multiple Dispositions, and those dispositions are identified. (e.g., some quantity can be disposed to be reworked internally due to production demand, and the rest of the quantity can be dispositioned to return to the vendor for repair or replacement.)

The one-click process to Generate and Send Emails requesting Dispositioning or to those Responsible for Executing the Disposition.

Actions (task items) can be entered and assigned to specific parties (individuals) throughout the process. Open Action Items are visible in the Dashboard.

If a Corrective Action is warranted, the One-Click process creates a Corrective Action and Links the corrective action record to the Inspection Record.

Work In Process Inspection Rejection

Rejection Information contains the Expected Condition and the Discrepancy.

When required, Serial Numbers can be added to the rejection record.

Rejections can be flagged for validation of the discrepancy with provisions to record who performed the validation.

If a Rejection warrants corrective or preventive action, that can also be flagged for creation.

Inspection NonConforming Material Software Work In Process Inspection Rejection Information

Work In Process Rejection Dispositioning

Inspection NonConforming Material Software Work In Process Inspection Rejection Summary

Each Rejection has its unique set of Dispositions.

Disposition Information shows the Expected Condition, the Discrepancy, Disposition, Disposition Quantity, and Disposition Date.  In addition, a Disposition Cost field is available for those organizations tracking Cost of Quality (CoQ).

The software captures who entered the disposition. In addition, when approvals are required, the systems also capture who approved the disposition using an approval password process.

When the Disposition is returned to Vendor, additional fields are available to record the supplier’s RMA Number, Buyer Information, Date the product was Shipped to the Supplier, and the Date product was Returned from the Supplier.