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Internal Auditing Planning and Schedule

Internal Audit Planning and Scheduling

Internal Auditing Scheduling

Internal Audits can be Easily Searched using the various filters provided, such as:

Audited Specification
Sections Audited of a Specific Specification
Scheduled Dates
Audit Year
Audit Dates
Team Members

Single-Click Operation to View Audit Details

Single-Click Operation to Add a New Audit

Internal Audit Planned Details

Plan upcoming internal auditing by adding the audits to a schedule.  Each planned Audit can be defined by adding the following information:

Audit Description,
Audit Scope,
Standard or Specification Audited Against,
Processes to Audit,
Sections of the Standard or Specification Audited,
Requirements of the Sections Audited,
Audit Questions,
Internal list of Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, Forms, etc. that are most likely to be referred to during the Audit
Audit Team Members,
and the Scheduled Audit Date.

Internal Audit Plan and Schedule Details

Internal Audit Planning Report

Audit Plan Report

Using a Single-Click operation, the Audit Plan Report can be Emailed or Printed Out, providing a Summarized View of the details.

Internal Audit Schedule Report

Internal Audit Schedule report provides a consolidated view of the upcoming and completed audits. The Report includes Information such as:

Audited Specification,
Audit Description,
Sections of the Standard or Specification Audited,
Audit Team,
Scheduled Audit Date,
Actual Start Date,
Summary of the Finding Category for Completed Audit,
and Audit Close Date.

Internal Audit Schedule