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Internal Audit Results

Audit Results

Internal Audit Results

The Findings and Objective Evidence are added to the Audit Record.  The information obtained during the audit consists of the following:

Adding the Participants of the Audit

Adding the Answers to the Planned Audit Questions

Adding any Audit Findings – Nonconformances (NC), Opportunities For Improvement (OFI)

Single-Click function to create a Corrective Action for all non-conformances found and linking to the Audit performed

Adding an Unlimited number of Objective Evidence Files and Audit Files Other Then Objective Evidence

Check and Act portion for the PDCA method

Single-Click function to Prepare Email containing Audit Results and Audit Report to Send to Process Owner for Review


Audit Report

A Single-Click operation to Email, Print, or View a Comprehensive Report of the Completed Audit.

Audit Report

Audit Results and Report Email

Internal Audit Email

Example of Internal Audit Email