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Preventive Maintenance Asset and Equipment Information

Asset and Equipment Listing

Preventive Maintenance Equipment List

Easily Search for Assets / Equipment by using the search field. 

Search by equipment names, serial numbers, model numbers, or any other information that defines the Asset / Equipment.

Adding a new asset or equipment is as simple as one click. 

Assets with many similarities to an existing asset can be copied, only changing the necessary information, thus eliminating unnecessary data entry.

Asset and Equipment Information

Each asset/equipment is identified in this preventive maintenance software using standard fields such as Asset/equipment name, model number, and serial number. In addition, the facility, department, work center, and workgroup can be added.

The Category / Type field is the connection to a data log table definition should this asset require data logging.

A picture of the asset can be added.

A section in the asset record includes a list of spare parts and commodities consumed by the preventive maintenance tasks of this asset.

An unlimited number of files can be linked to each asset/equipment.  Typical use of this area is to link User Manuals; Manufacturer’s recommended Preventive Maintenance schedule, Warranty Information, Purchase Orders, and Packing Lists.

Preventive Maintenance Equipment List