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Preventive Maintenance Service Order Option

Service Orders

Preventive Maintenance Service Order Module

The optional Service Order Module for Preventive Maintenance software includes creating and managing Service Orders.

Service Orders are used to provide Third Party Suppliers with a request for service to be performed on equipment or asset.

Service Order Listing and Information

Service Orders are linked to a specific equipment or asset.

As with Purchase Orders, primary fields include the Supplier, Contact Information, the Service Request to be performed, Pricing, and the Need Date.

Preventive Maintenance Service Order Information


Preventive Maintenance Supplier Module

The Supplier section of the Service Order Module is used to create and manage Suppliers in support of the Purchase Order and Service Order sections.

Supplier Listing and Detail

Easily search Suppliers.

Each Supplier contains specific information such as Name, Address, Contact Information, Payment Terms, Account No, and Sales Tax rate.




Preventive Maintenance Supplier Information