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Preventive Maintenance Software Setup


Preventive Maintenance Setup

The Preventive Maintenance setup section manages the global setting of the software.

Your organization’s information, unique facilities, work centers, and departments are all managed under Setup.

The parties involved in carrying out the PM tasks and schedule, both internal and external, are also part of the setup.

Importing assets, part numbers, suppliers, inventory, and work orders are all accomplished with setup, setting up the Email connection, and automated Email frequency.

Although the program does come with numerous reports, any new reports created by the organization can be added to the report listing, which is also managed in the setup section.

Company Information

Adding your company’s information and logo personalizes the Preventive Maintenance Software.

Preventive Maintenance Company Information

Facility Information

Preventive Maintenance Facility Information

The facility, department, work center, and workgroup can identify all company assets.  Unlimited facilities, departments, work centers, and work groups can be created and managed through the setup area.

Preventive Maintenance Personnel Information

All parties involved within the organization’s Preventive Maintenance program are managed within the Setup area.  Parties can be either internal personnel connected to the PM program or external parties such as Vendors or Suppliers that may perform the PM tasks.

Each internal personnel can be assigned permissions within this Preventive Maintenance software.

Preventive Maintenance Personnel

Importing of Equipment and Assets

Preventive Maintenance Importing of Information

Importing existing assets is simple.  First, an import template is provided, which is used to import assets into the Preventive Maintenance software. The import template includes the most common fields defining an asset, including Asset Name, Serial Number, Model Number, Tag Number, and Asset Number.

When the Work Order module is purchased, importing part master, inventory, work orders, and suppliers is available.