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Preventive Maintenance Work Order Option

Work Order Module

Preventive Maintenance Work Order Module

The optional Work Order Module for Preventive Maintenance software includes creating Work Orders. 

Work Orders capture material (inventory) and labor costs of each planned and unplanned preventive maintenance event.


Also included is an Item Master, which is used to manage the inventory in support of the Preventive Maintenance program. This inventory includes consumables, spare parts, and other materials needed to support the program.

A Purchase Order module is included to manage the purchasing and receipt of materials and goods.  In addition, a purchase order receipt process ensures that the inventory quantities are accurate.

A Supplier module manages the suppliers needed to support the Preventive Maintenance program.

Work Orders

Work Orders are linked to a specific maintenance event, whether planned or unplanned.


Captures the Material consumed and automates inventory levels based on the quantities used.

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Item / Part / Material Master

Preventive Maintenance Item Master

The Item Master section of the Work Order Module is used to create and manage all of the part libraries for all the materials, goods, and consumables used in support of the Preventive Maintenance program.

Part Library / Listing

Easily search part library using various fields and combinations of those fields.

For example, view Inventory levels and Manufacture and Manufacture part numbers.

Item Master Search

Part Approved Manufactures List

Preventive Maintenance Item Master

Each Item can have an unlimited number of acceptable manufacturer and vendor part numbers.  Additionally, each Supplier / Vendor may have their part numbers for the same part across the Supply Chain.

Vendor Part Numbers are what is added to the Purchase Orders.  


Part Purchase Order History

Easily see all of the Purchase Order history of the part. 

View Pricing, Quantities Ordered, Suppliers and Order Dates.

Part Purchase Order History

Part Outstanding Purchase Orders

Part Outstanding Purchase Orders

Easily View the Outstanding Purchase Orders for the part. 

In addition, view Pricing, Quantities Ordered, Suppliers, and Order Dates.



Part Inventory / Stock Levels

View Inventory levels, Standard, Last and Average Costs.

Part Inventory Status

Part Work Order Information

Part Work Order Information

Easily View the Work Orders of the Part, the Work Order Information, and the Quantities consumed.



Part Where-Used / Equipment Usage

View Where-Used for the Part.

Ideal for Spare Parts and Consumable Purchasing decisions.

Part Where-Used

Purchase Orders

Preventive Maintenance Purchase Order Module

The Purchase Order section of the Work Order Module is used to create and manage Purchase Orders.

Manage the receipt of goods and record any non-conforming material. Goods or services.

Purchase Order Listing

Easily search and find Purchase Orders using various fields and combinations.

Preventive Maintenance Purchase Order Listing

Purchase Order Information and Detail

Preventive Maintenance Purchase Order Detail

The Purchase Order contains basic information such as the Supplier / Vendor, Delivery Information, Part Numbers, Quantity, and Unit Costs.

The preferred Shipping Method, Payment Terms, and Contact Information are also available when necessary.

An unlimited number of line items can be ordered with unlimited partial and complete receipts per line item.





The Supplier section of the Work Order Module is used to create and manage Suppliers in support of the Purchase Order and Service Order sections.

Preventive Maintenance Supplier Module

Supplier Listing and Detail

Preventive Maintenance Supplier Information

Easily search Suppliers.

Each Supplier contains specific information such as Name, Address, Contact Information, Payment Terms, Account No, and Sales Tax rate.